Alfa Jaya Jasa specializes in accounting, taxation, and management services; currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We aim to provide services typically to newly established enterprises, small businesses and millennial entrepreneur.

Immense technological advancements in the recent years have given opportunities to the rise of small, mostly house-managed economic entities, such as online shops, intermediary small service business, food services and many more. Small businesses now have the platform to grow with tools such as online marketing and social media. Those who start small will eventually grow bigger, and with it comes the need for accounting and taxation assistance which is flexible, quick, reliable, and affordable. As millennials ourselves, we are aware how technology is changing the field of accounting and taxation. We are also adapting continuously. That’s why, our vision is to incorporate modern methods to solve issues and assist clients efficiently.

Alfa Jaya Jasa bergerak dalam jasa akuntansi, perpajakan, dan manajemen; saat ini berbasis di Jakarta, Indonesia. Kami bertujuan untuk menyediakan layanan untuk usaha yang baru berdiri, UKM dan pengusaha millennial.

Kemajuan teknologi yang sangat pesat dalam beberapa tahun terakhir ini, telah memberikan peluang untuk entitas ekonomi kecil yang sebagian besar dikelola secara pribadi, seperti toko online, usaha jasa perantara, layanan makanan, dan banyak lagi. Usaha kecil sekarang memiliki platform untuk berkembang dengan bantuan IT seperti online marketing dan media sosial. Mereka yang memulai dari yang kecil pada akhirnya akan tumbuh menjadi besar, dan dengan itu muncul kebutuhan akan bantuan akuntansi dan perpajakan yang fleksibel, cepat, dapat diandalkan, dan terjangkau. Sebagai milenial, kami sadar bagaimana teknologi mengubah bidang akuntansi dan perpajakan. Kami juga terus beradaptasi. Itulah sebabnya, visi kami adalah menggabungkan metode modern untuk menyelesaikan masalah dan membantu klien secara efisien.



Having been in the field of accounting all her life, Angela possesses enthusiasm and excellent skills in her line of work. In her young age, she was awarded with the National Achievement Award for Accounting by Cambridge University. As a Chartered Accountant, ASEAN CPA and tax consultant now, she shares her passion within the accounting community, and specializes in providing accounting and taxation solutions for small enterprises. With the huge increase in small medium enterprises within the last couple of years, she is sure set on the path to delivering value and providing modern solutions regarding accounting and taxation.

“Technology has brought about huge modifications in the field of accounting. We must adapt to it, or we will not be able to compete.”


With almost total ten years’ practitioner experience in China and Indonesia, Jone is well acquainted with international accounting and taxation principles. He has assisted many clients in building their accounting system, introducing them to Indonesian taxation and accounting standards, and bridging the gap across nations. He specializes in consultancy for newly established foreign companies in Indonesia.

“We aim to make it easy for newly established foreign companies to set foot and grow in Indonesia.”


Licensed Professionals

We are a professional team with licensed chartered accountant and consultant. We are accountable to ensure your confidentiality and compliance.

Quick and Reliable

We place emphasis on productivity. We are using our self-designed accounting software, and most of our work is computerized and using formulas. Efficient, accurate, and can be adjusted according to your needs. Hence our service price is very competitive.


We believe effective communication is very crucial in any process. Our services, reports and documentations are delivered to you personally in your preferred language. Our professional team is equipped with astounding language skills to serve you in three languages at once: Indonesian, English and Chinese.

Modern and Flexible

As millennials, we are aware of the massive advancements and the upcoming technological changes in accounting. We understand that change is inevitable and will always adapt to new ways of advancements.